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Job Site Zoning


Thank you for your interest in SPF Services. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. We are here to serve you.


Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


(915)-799 0705


11394 James Watt Ste. 301 El Paso, TX 79936




Our pricing varies depending on work details, but we beleive that mouth to mouth reference is a powerfull tool to grow, and we want to provide to customer, quality work, good communication, excellent service for an excellent price.

After provided a formal estimate and customer gave us the OK to do the job, the typical proccess is first have a signed contract who contains: start day, days to be working, payment process, warranty details, etc….
During the job, we will be supervising all crew to make sure everything is done correctly. After job is done, we will make a walk trough with customer to check all details and after looking that, customer will receive writting warranty for the period stablished on contract.

Is very important to have a company who is certified to apply what they are offering. We are certified by:
*La Polla Industries
*Thermoteck Group
*Henry Products
*KM Coatings

We have everything in writting ready as soon as customer ask for it.

I started this job looking an estimate in my house, but nodoby gave me good service, so I started planning to build my own company and provide the services looked for customers. Now thanks God we are a solid company.

We have work with all type of customers such as : residential, commercial, industrial etc…in USA and Mexico. We are 100% bilingual and have the oportunity to talk with anybody.
For us no job is small or too big.

The most recent project we have is located at 240 Thunderbird Dr, El Paso Tx 79912. It is a commercial building. We applied spray foam to stop leaks. The reference is “Dan Olivas and associates” Their information can be found in google search.

In our area of work, is to common that persons without any experience just go to the State and obtain a “roofer licenece”. Multiple of them just stop in our areas for small term and live the city living warranties flying and customers not happy.
Whenever we offer estimate, recommend to customer to come and visit our offices, so they can comprobate we are stablished.